Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Get Out Of Debt,
And Save Money Faster With CashManager!



Make Informed Spending Decisions

CashManager is the simple, smarter online budgeting tool that makes it easier than ever to stay focused on your budget and finally gain control of your money!

There’s no more guessing when it comes to spending decisions. Since your budget is always up to date you’ll know in a moment that it’s okay to head out to eat because enjoying yourself is part of the plan.

Get Off the Financial Roller Coaster

CashManager helps you to easily set aside funds for larger, infrequent bills. $600 car insurance premium due in six months? Budget $100 each month into your ‘Car insurance’ category and watch the balance grow. When the bill is due, you pay it and everything feels the same.  That is, what used to send you into financial “crisis mode” now doesn’t even make you blink.

There’s a freedom in letting CashManager show you what needs to happen…so you can handle all that life throws at you without stress or worry. The quality of your spending decisions will skyrocket and you’ll be managing your money better than you ever thought possible.

Money Management Made Simple

Simplified scheduled transactions and a unique interface is designed for fast, easy entry. CashManager doesn’t talk to your bank directly, but many of our clients find the old style of bank downloads frustrating and cumbersome. Your awareness of where your money is going will go up right along with your bank balance. In fact, most of our users spend less time managing their money than ever before.

Get started with CashManager today to gain control of your budget and start on the path to financial freedom.

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