Dear Homeowner,


When you first moved into your home it probably seemed like the best financial move.

The only challenge is the large monthly mortgage payment, in fact on average New Zealanders spend…..

35-40% of our pay towards our monthly mortgage payment


Do you realise that it could take anywhere from 30 to 40 years to repay your mortgage debt, and some people NEVER live long enough to pay it all off.

And what if you are close to retirement age?

Government Statistics (MSD) show that over 80% of New Zealanders live in debt.

And now retirees are starting to postpone their retirement or taking a part time job in retirement so they can pay their mortgage each month which is competing with other retirement costs.

Living debt free is the ultimate retirement dream, but the increasing mortgage debt is stopping most people from living that dream.

But there’s a solution…

Introducing DebtBreaker Self Service – the most effective way to pay down your mortgage:

  • in less time!
  • without changing your lifestyle!
  • without switching banks!
  • from the privacy of your own home!

Using DebtBreaker, you can save you thousands in interest and pay off your mortgage YEARS SOONER, without spending more or refinancing.

DebtBreaker will show you, step-by-step exactly where and how much you can save.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Barry Kloogh, and after years of struggling with debt, I created a system that has allowed me to pay off multiple homes and have more than enough money to travel the world – without any major increases in my income.

The same income – but a better life!

Then I began using this same system to help my clients, and within a few short years – many of them were mortgage free, building a strong savings, and enjoying life more.

But that all began more than 20 years ago…

Since then, I helped people across New Zealand, through my private seminars, consulting, books, and online-events.

…and the single most-asked question I still get, is how can we pay off our mortgage and have a simple way to track all of our debt reduction?

Well, I designed DebtBreaker to do it all for you.

In fact, my team and I spent more than 2 years developing this software to be easy to use (even if you know nothing about debt reduction, and have little to no computer experience).

I'm Embarrassed To Admit This But…

I hate computers.

It’s true. I would rather have a cup of tea with my clients instead of call them at their office, I prefer real conversations to email or text, and I hate sitting in front of a computer for more than a few minutes at a time.

Which is why I insisted that the DebtBreaker software be absolutely simple to install, drop-dead easy to use, and most importantly…

Pay for itself many times over!

In fact – if you don’t save at least 2 times as much money as you spend on DebtBreaker EVERY MONTH, just let me know and I’ll stop your subscription immediately!

But Wait!

DebtBreaker Self Service only costs $197, plus $10 a month – AND since most of our clients save far more than double that every month, you’ll not only pay off your mortgage but you’ll also have more money to save every month!

PLUS, my team will be here to help you every step of the way, so you’ll never be alone and you’ll always have someone to ask questions to!

Go ahead – click the button below to get started, and begin watching as your mortgage drops month after month after month.


Here's to a mortgage free future,


PS:  The DebtBreaker software can help you retire without a mortgage payment, pay towards your kids education or live debt free, even if you’re living from pay to pay or have no wiggle room in your budget.

PPS: Don’t forget, you can cancel at anytime, for any reason just by sending me an email or calling my office. We are here to help you in any way we can!

PPPS:  Using DebtBreaker you can also eliminate your credit card debt. This will put an end to high interest charges on your monthly credit card bills.

As you can see, the possibilities could be endless when you use DebtBreaker (the same system I use in my life and with all my clients). Once you begin to visualise the various ways you can apply this to your situation, you will understand the true power of this system.

Imagine for a moment living free and clear from having a mortgage payment and retiring on your terms no matter your age. And the best part is that all your retirement funds are used to live your life to the fullest and not used to pay for debt.

For my clients and I, this is what our future retirement looks like. What about you?