At DebtBreaker, we provide highly personalised, mortgage reduction and debt management services, with the primary goal of protecting our clients by helping them to understand how to organize their money, pay down their mortgage, and repay their debt as quickly and effectively as possible. We believe that the reduction of unnecessary debt and mortgage payments creates a brighter future for our clients and their families.


  • Get mortgages paid off as fast as possible, maintaining or increasing lifestyle
  • Provide knowledge so that managing money becomes easy
  • Help our clients to achieve their personal goals
  • Protect our clients and their families in case of loss
  • Create happy clients

Value statement:

  • RESPECT – We treat our clients like family, with consideration and dignity. We know and cherish the fact that everyone’s situation is different
  • CARING- We are committed to serving with empathy and compassion
  • TEAMWORK – We become part of our client’s team, using our expertise and contacts to help them reach their goals
  • INTEGRITY – We are committed to act in an ethical and honest manner placing our client’s interest first

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