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The Debtbreaker experience has helped us keep on track and feel that the daily grind is meaningful – we can see our big picture more clearly.” Rachel Saunders


Debt breaker, structures your finances so that you can clearly see where you are spending your hard earned money. The main reason we have had success with the Debt breaker programme is that it makes you think twice and consider if you really need to make that purchase. We are now in control and well on the way to paying off our mortgage years earlier! Noeline Scott


We wanted to use Debt Breaker so we could see exactly where our money was going and save money where we could.
However hard as I tried, I did not have the time to collect the data and then work with it to figure out the ways we could improve – now Debt Breaker does this for us. It has taken the immediate worry away from us yet we still have the accountability. The work to change still lies with us but the work in calculating that is done by Debt Breaker – a real ‘load off’. Anya Bowman