To aid entrepreneurship, the New Zealand government created a Special Infrastructure Commission in February 2019 to support infrastructure development. The plan is available online through the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission website. The 30-year strategy involves the creation of the Infrastructure Pipeline tool to finance infrastructure projects. In support of the country’s economic capacity, loans for investments to create infrastructures in strategic areas where there are concrete opportunities for growth have grown.

Telecommunications: The improvements made to the New Zealand TLC with the expansion of broadband and new fiber optic cabling have created interesting opportunities to invest in infrastructure in the sector (mobile telephony, data centers and internet).

Tourism: The tourism sector is constantly growing and in the coming years New Zealand will be committed to expanding its offer of health and wellness centers (spas, integrated resort-spa chains and medical tourism), luxury hotels, golf courses , conference centers.

Health and Wellness: Thanks to the variety of outdoor activities and the natural resources it has at its disposal, New Zealand lends itself well to infrastructural development in the health and wellness sectors. Geothermal areas with thermal springs associated with treatments derived from traditional Maori medicine, quality food and wine, offer good opportunities for hotels and specialized spas in many areas of the country.

Cinema: The film and television industry is well established in New Zealand, which enjoys the peculiarity of unspoiled landscapes, low production costs and excellent cinema facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown, making it a very interesting destination for companies. of the sector. Among the successful kiwi productions, the Hobbit, Avatar, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia deserve mention.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are specific forms of financing for the development of public infrastructure. They offer investors the wide range of opportunities inherent in a robust and corruption-free economy. Other investment options include, in addition to direct ownership, participation in other investment funds (FOFs).

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